Social Security Card

A social security card is your official documentation that you have a social security number. A social security number allows you to benefit from numerous federal programs and to more easily find work in the United States. People present their social security cards to benefit office officials when they need to begin receiving social security income in their later years.

Social Security Card

Social Security Card

Social security benefits include a small monthly income from the federal government for older individuals. The minimum age you can receive full social security benefits varies depending on the year you were born. For example, if you were born before 1937, the minimum age is 65. If you were born in 1938, the minimum age is 65 years and two months. The age increases by a few months for every year after 1939, and for those born after 1960, the age is 67. You can begin to receive social security benefits at a reduced rate when you are 62, regardless of when you were born.

To prove you are eligible for benefits, ensure you have your social security card. If you cannot find your social security card, you will need to get a social security card replacement, which you can usually do for free. You are limited to 10 replacement cards during your lifetime, but changing your name or immigration status to get a new card to reflect the changes in your life do not count towards the limit of 10 new cards.

You must present original identification with your form for social security card replacement to prove that your identity and immigration status. The type of documentation you will need to prove these items varies according to the type of card you need. You can get an application at your nearest social security card office or download it from the federal social security office’s website.

Another benefit of social security is being able to search the social security death index. This is an interesting database you can access for free online to search for the names, birth and death dates and locations of over 90 million people in the U.S. It is a useful tool to search for relatives’ information.

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